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Ross: What’s a patriot to do when there’s bipartisan support?

Bernie Sanders. (Mark Makela/Getty Images)

For all the nasty twittering about Trump’s tariffs, let me remind all of us that there is bipartisan support for taking on China.

Senator Chuck Schumer is on board. And Senator Bernie Sanders has been on board since at least 2011 when he said this in the Senate: “Why the middle class is disappearing is directly related to our disastrous, unfettered, free-trade policy.”

On trade policy, Sanders was Trump before Trump was Trump.

“We need trade policies that work for working people and not just large corporations,” Sanders added.

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So what is a patriot to do when the stock market goes haywire and we face rising prices on everything from Brussels sprouts to parachutes?

We’re gonna pay more — is what we’re gonna do.

And we might even fire off tweets of our own suggesting that companies doing business with China dip into their giant Trump tax refunds to pay part of the tariff instead of passing all of it on to us.

When Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump agree on something, it’s a bi-partisan moment that mustn’t go to waste. So let’s try not to impeach the president before this is settled.

Just don’t let it go on too long. The last time we let a trade war go on too long it caused a depression. I know everyone calls it a “Great” Depression, but one is enough.

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