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Ross: An idea to stop and punish tailgaters on the road

There is nothing like heading home on the open road after a holiday weekend, everyone feeling invigorated, family bonds renewed, and then – some driver thinks you’re going too slow, and rides up on your tail, and just hangs there.

And then he flashes his lights even though, like a normal American, you’re already going seven miles over the speed limit. Then he speeds past you way faster than necessary.

I hate tailgaters.

What I hate even more is that they tend to drive the kind of cars whose commercials show them skidding sideways into parking a space or galloping like a wild animal across the salt flats at 200 miles per hour.

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And there they are sniffing your car’s tail. I’ll never understand why someone buys a performance car and then behaves like horny dog in the off leash area. That is not how new performance cars come into the world – sorry to break it to you.

I want to out these tailgating perverts – and here’s how I’d do it. Car makers need to reprogram the backup camera so that when any car tries to kiss you from behind it snaps the license plate with a location and time stamp and sends it to your smart phone so you can share it with the cops.

Any serial tail-kisser who gets reported by three different victims gets his license suspended. And also, we confiscate his Starbucks card.

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