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Ross: Have you seen a UFO? The aliens are watching

You’ve heard about the New York Times report that five years ago, several Navy pilots on a training mission reported seeing a UFO behaving in aerodynamically impossible ways.

Actually, they saw quite a few. Navy pilots are credible witnesses, and wouldn’t have said anything if this was just another top secret Pentagon project.

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So we can’t simply dismiss this. Nor can we dismiss the report of a British Airways pilot last November over Ireland. That pilot reported seeing a very bright light that flew along the side of the aircraft before veering away.

That was backed up by a Virgin Atlantic pilot. He said he saw two bright lights at twice the speed of sound.

And then, do you remember the weird red asteroid astronomers spotted in 2017? Well, Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb said that could have been an alien space ship, or at least part of one.

So the aliens are watching!

Which should not surprise us, because we’ve done the same thing. NASA’s two Voyager probes are six billion and eight billion miles from earth, and are still working.

NASA’s two Pioneer probes have gone dark, but they’ll still reach the nearest star in about two million years.

By which time we will be the advanced alien civilization. Provided climate change does turn out to be a hoax. If not, it’ll be sad. But hey, whoever finds our orphaned space probes won’t know that. They’ll think we’re geniuses!

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