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State Supreme Court upholds ruling against florist who wouldn’t serve gay wedding

The Arlene's Flowers saga continues. (File, Associated Press)

The Washington State Supreme Court upheld its decision against a Richland florist Thursday, who had refused to provide flowers for the wedding of a same sex couple in 2013.

SCOTUS ruling could help Arlene’s Flowers case in Washington 
Will Colorado decision affect Washington’s gay wedding case?

The state’s argument against Arlene’s Flowers related to Washington’s Consumer Protection Act, and state laws against discrimination.

“Washington state law protects same-sex couples from discrimination based on their sexual orientation, the same way it protects Washingtonians from discrimination based on their religion, veteran or military status, disability, race and other protected classes,” State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a news release. “I will continue to uphold these laws and fight to protect Washingtonians from discrimination.”

According to Ferguson, the state’s laws prevent a business from refusing service based on a customer’s sexual orientation, especially if it provides that same service to same-sex couples.

The Washington Supreme Court had previously ruled against Arlene’s Flowers in 2017. The case was then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, who — in light of a similar case against a Colorado baker — kicked it back to the state court for a final ruling.

While the courts ruled in favor of the Colorado baker, Arlene’s Flowers wasn’t so lucky, with the Washington Supreme Court’s Thursday decision marking the end to this chapter of the saga.

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