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Seattle council contributions
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Bulk of Seattle council contributions coming from outside city

The largest slice of campaign contributions in Seattle's council races are coming from outside the city. (Unsplash)

Of all campaign contributions across Seattle’s council races, the highest percentage is coming from outside city limits per recent data from the Seattle Ethics and Election Commission.

Every candidate running for Seattle City Council in 2019

Sixteen percent of campaign contributions are coming from outside Seattle as of June 6, 2019. That’s followed by 13.5 percent from residents in District 3, 13.3 percent in District 7, and 12.8 percent in District 6.

While the obvious explanation seems to be Kshama Sawant‘s $78,104 of contributions in that category, that represents just a quarter of the total among all council candidates.

The percentage of money from outside Seattle appears to be spread evenly across virtually every district (with the one outlier being District 3 because of Sawant).

  • District 1: 7.3 percent (second most)
  • District 2: 11.3 percent (fourth most)
  • District 3: 29 percent (second most)
  • District 4: 12.1 percent (second most)
  • District 5: 18.2 percent (second most)
  • District 6: 12.4 percent (second most)
  • District 7: 15.1 percent (second most)

Each district is paced by a handful of candidates in terms of outside money. Seattle Popcorn Company head Jesse Green leads D1 candidates with 51 percent of his contributions coming from outside the city.

D2’s race is led by business owner Ari Hoffman at 23 percent, and SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon at 16.1 percent. In District 3, Sawant actually has the second highest percentage of outside-of-city contributions at 51.7 percent, topped by Public Defender Ami Nguyen‘s 60 percent.

Sawant continues to lead in Seattle council campaign contributions

District 4 features a trio of candidates up over 35 percent: Heidi Stuber (54.3 percent), Ethan Hunter (51.4 percent), and Frank Krueger (37.7 percent).

In District 5, incumbent Debora Juarez leads all candidates at 35.7 percent, trailed by Ann Davison Sattler at 12.7 percent.

District 6’s contributions from outside Seattle are led by former councilmember Heidi Wills at 21.7 percent. In D7, Gene Burrus and Naveed Jamali are at 32.4 percent and 25.1 percent respectively.

Kshama Sawant’s fundraising efforts continued to pace all candidates across every race, having garnered over $151,000 in contributions. That’s followed by $85,515 from fellow District 3 candidate Logan Bowers, and District 4’s Shaun Scott at $75,049.

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