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Ross: US needs a commander-in-chief, not a cartoon character

As conflict with Iran ramps up, the U.S. needs stable, measured rhetoric more than Tweets. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

I find that what upsets people most is when I quote something that President Trump has said, and then extend that to its logical consequences. That was especially true when he said last week he’d be happy to look at opposition research on his opponents gathered by a foreign country.

Trump getting dirt from foreign sources cuts both ways

After a statement from elections officials that such a thing would be clearly illegal, he has walked that back. But now, that walk-back has me again thinking about the consequences of having a commander-in-chief who doesn’t think before he speaks.

The way things are going, this is the man who is going to be giving the order to open fire on Iran, if it comes to that.

And it may!

I am inclined to believe that Iran is responsible for those tanker attacks, which would require retaliation. But it would be nice to have some confidence that this isn’t happening because we have a president who has been – to put it gently – loose with words.

No lies in Britain, but it’s OK to ‘feed the base’ in America

We’ve already had a president whose loose talk led us into a war, which President Trump himself has called stupid and a disaster.

So, would it be asking too much to have more of the version of Trump we saw during the D-Day ceremony, and less of the Trump who on Saturday Tweeted a snippet of a Simpson’s cartoon?

If we have to punish Iran, it would be better if the order came from a commander-in-chief, not a cartoon character.

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