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Reports: Police find man naked, hurt after pitchfork assaults

The Kirkland Police Department reported that the man was wearing a blue hospital gown. (AP)

A patient of Evergreen Hospital allegedly assaulted people with a pitchfork in Kirkland on Monday, according to KING 5.

The Kirkland Police Department reported that a man in his 20s was wearing a blue hospital gown on 117th and NE 142nd Street when police and fire officials arrived at the scene. Police said the man was not holding a pitchfork at that point.

KOMO News reported that the man was found naked and seriously injured after allegedly attacking three people. The man reportedly went to Evergreen Hospital for what police described as a “drug-related” issue.

The man left the hospital while wearing scrubs after not being formally admitted or discharged, KOMO reported. Police caught up with him to check on his well-being, but since he’d done nothing wrong, at that point, he was let go.

Police told KOMO that the man armed himself some time later and attacked three people &#8212 one suffering “serious” injuries and two others described as “minor.” Police said the man later attempted to break into several nearby homes, sustaining life-threatening injuries in the process. The man, police said, was naked at that point.

KING 5 reported that Kirkland police said the man assaulted neighbors with a pitchfork and stick, and also punched an unknown number of people before breaking into a house.

The man is in custody, according to KING 5.

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