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Ross: What Sir Kim Darroch should have really said about Trump

British Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Kim Darroch, has resigned. He was caught red-handed calling President Trump “incompetent insecure and inept” in a series of memos that were leaked to a British newspaper.

Sir Darroch is by all accounts highly intelligent, educated at excellent schools, knighted as a member of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. And yet it seems to me he could have kept his job if, instead of critiquing Trump, he’d learned from him.

Basically, when you are caught red-handed – deny it!

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If you’re caught calling the president “inept insecure and incompetent” explain that what you meant to say was “competent, secure and above all, ept.”

And as for the ambassador’s observations in his memos – about vicious White House infighting and chaotic policy-making – why would you need to put that in a confidential memo? There are like five full-length books and approximately a million magazine articles about it.

Of course the biggest irony in those memos is Sir Kim Darroch’s advice to diplomats — when they meet with the president they should “Start praising him for something that he’s done recently.”

Well, sure Trump likes to be flattered – don’t we all!

And so let me conclude by saying to the British, despite this incident, we love you, and as long as you provide interesting royal marriages, Downtown Abbey sequels, Colin Firth, Helen Miren, and Emma Watson, we will continue to love you.

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