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seattle school dress code
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New Seattle school dress code affirms expression, limits body shaming

(KIRO 7)

When Seattle students show up for the first day of school in a few weeks, they’ll have a little more control over what they can wear. The requirements are pretty basic, requiring tops, bottoms, and nothing hateful or too aggressive on your clothing.

This dress code comes with core values that will be applied to every school, rather than allowing them to individually determine their dress codes in past years. The code states that “Students should be able to dress for school in a manner that expresses their individuality without fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming,” and that “Dress code enforcement will not create disparities, reinforce or increase marginalization of any group.”

Specifically, they must wear tops, bottoms, and footwear, though they’ll give you a pass “for reasonable variation in required student attire for participation in activities such as swimming or gymnastics.”

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What they won’t allow is donning anything that is pornographic, contains threats, promotes drugs and alcohol, shows association with so-called hate speech, or demonstrates gang affiliation.

“Can you wear a Trump shirt? Probably not,” wondered KIRO Radio’s John Curley. “Could you wear a MAGA hat?”

The code doesn’t specify that, but it does enforce the basic long-held tenet of nearly every school dress code: Cover up your naughty bits.

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With the new rules, the basic idea is for school officials to avoid any senseless over-enforcement, reports Q13 Fox.

“You have to cover up all your private parts, but otherwise they’re going to be much cooler,” said co-host Tom Tangney. “We shouldn’t be wasting school time trying to police what people are wearing. The problem is they end up enforcing it way too many times, so let’s just loosen it up a bit. There will probably be problems the first day of school.”

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