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Dori: Jay Inslee has blood on his hands yet again with Prosser murder

The Prosser Police Department. (Prosser Police Department Facebook page)

Several months ago, an illegal immigrant shot and killed Kittitas County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Thompson.

When Jay Inslee tried to attend the memorial service, the deputy’s family forbade it. Deputy Thompson’s brother came on the show and told us that his family believes Inslee has blood on his hands due to the sanctuary state policies he espouses. This is a magnet state for illegal immigrants, and when an illegal immigrant kills someone, you can directly connect that homicide to sanctuary policy.

The Dori Monson Show has exclusively confirmed another murder allegedly committed by an undocumented immigrant in this state.

Silvestre Rojas Fuentes, 55, of Prosser, is the primary suspect in the murder of his wife.

Illegal immigrant who shot Ryan Thompson was on his way to kill a woman

On Saturday night, police found his 51-year-old wife lying on the floor at her Prosser home with several gunshot wounds to the chest. CPR was sadly unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prosser police found that there was probable cause to arrest her husband for second-degree murder. He was on the run until Sunday night, when police arrested him in Union Gap.

What we have learned is that Fuentes had been previously deported in 1998 and again in 2010. He returned to the U.S. again after those two previous deportations, however. So where did he go? To Washington state of course — one of the easiest places in the country to be an illegal immigrant. You are given sanctuary. The police are not allowed to ask you anything about your status. You can receive all sorts of benefits. You can even get a driver’s license.

Jay Inslee and all of the other supporters of sanctuary policy must accept the consequences when a twice-deported person comes back to our state and murders a woman. This is another example of how sanctuary state policy leads to people’s deaths. Inslee tells us that illegal immigrants are the “pillars of our community.” Just once, I would love it if one of the CNN or MSNBC reporters interviewing Inslee on the ego tour that is his campaign would ask him about the effects of his sanctuary policy when those illegal immigrants go on to commit murder.

Chalk up another killing to Jay Inslee, who, despite being at zero percent in the polls, continues to campaign for president, shirk his duties as governor, and spend our tax dollars as he travels around the country, all to bolster his ego. But hey, as long as he’s out on the campaign trail, he doesn’t have to face the real-life consequences of his policies back home.

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