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Ross: How about this for a Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy?

Is Jeffrey Epstein really dead? (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

It’s going to be really hard to debunk all these conspiracy theories about the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Because of who this guy was and the powerful people he could have exposed — had he lived — even reasonable people who usually try to debunk this stuff find it naive to accept that he just up and killed himself.

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Then you add to that a president who loves to re-tweet conspiracies, and you begin to think that debunking is futile – Russia wins again.

But, the more I think about it, the more I believe the Trump factor might actually help. Because it means everyone will try to catch his attention with their pet theory. The crazier the better.

For example: Is Jeffrey Epstein really dead? Or after the potion wears off does he wake up, unzip the body bag, sneak across the George Washington Bridge to Teterboro Airport and fly to the private island we all don’t know about?

That, by the way, is not an actual conspiracy. I just now made that up.

But if millions of others reach for similar levels of absurdity in hopes of earning a presidential re-Tweet, it might flood the zone with so many conspiracies that when we finally get the all-too-mundane truth, people may actually accept it for a change — just to be able to get on with their lives.

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