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Seattle environmental advocates burn jet fuel for Copenhagen conference

A waste energy plant in Copenhagen. It doubles as ski slope. (Lars Plougmann)

The other day, Seattle City Councilmember M. Lorenza Gonzalez cast a vote on the soda tax — because as you know, Seattle politicians love to disproportionately tax the poor and minorities. But she cast this vote in the middle of the night from Copenhagen.

You’re probably wondering what she was doing in Copenhagen. Well, she was there to study “sustainable urban strategies” with the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, according to the Capitol Hill Blog.

In a Tweet, Gonzalez said that they are learning how to “radically change the public realm to prioritize people while still increasing mobility and promoting economic development.” I guarantee you that Councilmember Gonzalez does not care about mobility and economic development. Mobility has gotten horrible under the leadership of the current city council.

Along with Gonzalez on the trip are King County Councilmember Joe McDermott and representatives from, among others, the Washington State Department of Transportation, the Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle University, Seattle Central College, and Sound Transit — and if Sound Transit is there, then you know it’s about the people.

If Jay Inslee really cared about climate change, he would abandon campaign, stop traveling now

I’m thinking I chose the wrong profession. You see, in the radio business, there are a lot of people who tell me regularly that they disagree with me. But if I became a Leftist advocate of politically-correct social justice causes like climate change, everybody around me would just tell me how great I am.

Here’s my main problem with this: If you care about the planet, do you send a delegation of 50 people on airplanes to Copenhagen? Couldn’t they have Skyped with the Copenhagen officials to figure out how to mess up — I mean improve — Capitol Hill?

I’ve said this with Jay Inslee repeatedly, and I’ll say it now — they do not care about these issues.

If you really care about the environment, you do not fly all around the planet with your entourage. If you believe this is the single greatest problem facing mankind — sorry, that’s not inclusive, I meant “person-kind” — you do not live your life helping to destroy the planet with all of your air travel.

They are all a bunch of phonies.

Lorena Gonzalez would spread Seattle’s problems to rest of WA as AG

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