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Ross: Overcoming plastic anxiety and the politicization of hydration

The people who run San Francisco International Airport have decided to stop the sale of water in plastic bottles.

According to recent reports, it’s “an airport that sells about 10,000 bottles of water per day generates about 28 million pounds of waste per year.”

And a pathetic 8 percent of it gets recycled.

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So once the current stock of plastic bottles is sold off, passengers will either have to bring their own bottles, or they can buy aluminum containers and fill them at the fountain.

I realize the San Francisco Airport will now probably be accused of attempting to politicize hydration. But I hope this catches on, because I am tired of looking for that little number to figure out which plastic thing is recyclable and which isn’t. And it’s dividing families.

Last week I threw a No. 5 container into the recycle bin – I still haven’t heard the end of it.

It creates anxiety, it’s causing nightmares. I mean, what if Hell turns out to be a place where you have to spend eternity buried under all the plastic containers you drank from just once?

And it’s hypocritical. We’re all annoyed by the trash around homeless camps, right? And yet we’re doing the same thing. Except we just hide it better.

How hard can it be to agree on one type of material to hold liquids – like aluminum, which is easy to recycle and which immediately melts in Hell. Nightmare over.

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