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Ross: When it comes to red flags and gun threats, we’ve got it backwards

How should law enforcement react to threats of gun violence? (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In Florida, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office recorded the arrest of a 15-year-old who posted a threat on a video game chat site.

Ross: Arresting the gun, but not the shooter

One of the arresting officers read back the note the kid had posted.

“I … vow to bring my father’s M-15 to school and kill seven people,” the note said.

This happened as the boy’s mother pleaded that he’s a child who was just playing a game. The cop had a question for her.

“Do you have a gun?” he asked.

“I have a gun, yes,” the mother answered.

“He has hands and feet — he can grab your gun and go do something,” the officer responded.

Apparently, a gun within reach of a wisecracking kid can now become a red flag, and no police department in 2019 is going to ignore any red flag.

But relax — thanks to the efforts of the NRA, the police didn’t dare grab the woman’s gun. They just handcuffed her child, and took him away.

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