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Ross: Why crackdowns on vaping are doomed to fail

Vaping bans are picking up steam across the country. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)

Vaping was supposed to be safer than smoking, but that’s a pretty low bar when you think about it. And who could have predicted that young people would start trying home-brewed and off-brand vape juice?

Durkan: ‘It’s time’ to discuss ban on e-cigarettes in Seattle

Yeah, pretty much everybody could have predicted that. So, kids are ending up in the hospital and we all know what’s next: The crackdown, with cities like Milwaukee urging people to stop vaping immediately. Meanwhile, Seattle is weighing a vaping ban of its own.

So here it is again, the same drama we went through with cigarettes. Scoldings, warnings, telling kids it doesn’t look as cool as they think.

Please. They know that.

It looks like they’re sucking on a USB drive, and like they never learned how to download data properly.

But they do it because nicotine is addictive, which they also know. At least it doesn’t turn you into a psychopath – it just forces you to give a chunk of your income to Juul for the rest of your life.

Study: Vaping rises among Washington teens

The fact is that despite the Clean Air Act, there are people who actually want smoke in their lungs. We just have to accept it.

I doubt just telling people to stop vaping will work. But how about this: When a hospital treats someone for the effects of vaping, find out who sold the e-cig, and send the bill to that company, along with a little note reminding them what’s happening to the opioid manufacturers.

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