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Washington driver caught using black marker to conceal expired car tabs

(Image courtesy of Washington State Patrol)

State troopers say drivers are getting more creative to try to outsmart law enforcement. This time, it wasn’t a mannequin to sneak into the carpool lane. A sneaky driver in Snohomish County used a black Sharpie on expired car tabs in an attempt to fool police and avoid paying for new ones.

A state trooper spotted the car on I-5 and thought things looked a little off. She says the driver gets an A for effort.

“I personally have never seen anyone go to the lengths that this particualr driver went and the creativity they displayed by not only coloring, but also by shading out the eight and turning it into a nine,” Trooper Heather Axtman told KIRO Radio.

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Trooper Axtman says the artwork ultimately didn’t fool anyone, and the driver was hit with a $237 ticket.

“We’ve seen the mannequins in passenger seats to try to bypass the HOV lanes, and now we see people starting to color — you know, creativity is at its finest I guess here on I-5,” she added.

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