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HopSkipDrive introduces Seattle rideshare exclusively for kids

Parents love telling their kids about how long they had to walk to school as kids, through rain and slush and all sorts of made-up things. Now they have yet another new convenience to hold over their children: A rideshare exclusively for kids.

HopSkipDrive launched recently in Seattle and allows parents to book an Uber-like ride for their kids, in place of using the bus or driving themselves, reports KUOW.

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The company uses extra safety features that goes beyond a regular rideshare service, creating a sort of babysitter/driver situation. Parents can read driver bios and watch live updates of the trip, and the company has a stringent hiring policy.

To become a driver, new hires must be fingerprinted, undergo a background check, have five years of care-giving experience, and have extra safety features on their car.

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That extra safety and hiring process will cost, with rides typically starting at $22, a rate meant to combine rideshare rates and childcare services. It’s why they refer to their employees as “care drivers.”

The company is currently in more than a dozen U.S. cities.

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