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Ross: Are you ready for some prime impeachment TV?

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Nancy Pelosi finally caved. There will be an official inquiry into whether to impeach President Donald Trump.

And then Senate Republicans joined Democrats to demand that the now-famous whistleblower complaint be released.

And then the president jumped in saying “Here’s the conversation that caused the whistle to be blown – read it for yourself!”

Washington politicians weigh in on Trump impeachment inquiry

All this had me bouncing between cable news shows way past bedtime, wondering “why is this happening?”

Then it hit me. I realized what week it is. It’s premiere week! This is the start of the new TV season.

The president needs a way to compete with Young Sheldon. Because that boring UN speech was certainly not gonna cut it.

And I hear he’s planning a must-see plot twist for the fall season: simultaneous impeachments. While Democrats impeach him, Republicans will be pre-impeaching Joe Biden for letting his son work for a Ukrainian company while dad was in office. Something that I, like most Americans, didn’t know until I was forced to read a bunch of long explainers about Ukrainian corruption. And now all of us are hypnotically locked into our preferred news silos wondering “how is this going to end?”

“Who can say?” one FOX commentator said. “Who would try to say what’s gonna happen? So we just get to tune in every night and watch it all unfold.”

Thank you FOX for proving my point.

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