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Trump impeachment
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Ross: Why impeaching President Trump would be unfair

President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Impeachment is how we establish the level of misbehavior voters are willing to tolerate from their presidents.

The Nixon ordeal taught us that Americans do not like their president using obscenities in the Oval Office. The Clinton ordeal taught us that Americans really do not like their president having sex in the Oval Office.

The Trump ordeal will be different. Because this is about whether Americans will tolerate a president who behaves in the Oval Office exactly as he did during the campaign.

Washington Rep. Jayapal: Trump’s Ukraine phone call ‘absolutely an impeachable offense’

As outrageous as this week’s revelations may be – Donald Trump urging a foreign leader to investigate his rival is exactly what he was doing back in 2016 when he famously said “Russia if you’re listening…”

So I’m not surprised he thinks it’s unfair.

Because he is facing impeachment for being himself! A lot of us would be impeached if we became president and behaved as ourselves. Right?

So here’s what I think should satisfy everybody: Since Democrats say there’s already been an investigation exonerating Joe Biden and his son of any wrongdoing in Ukraine, President Zelensky should do exactly what he promised Trump. He should order a full investigation (which shouldn’t take too long, since it’s already been done), he then come to Washington and say, “here it is, Mr Trump, proof that Biden is innocent, and now I would like to collect my anti-tank weapons.” Problem solved.

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