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Washington candy - salt water taffy
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Washington continues to have terrible taste in candy


Washington — we need to talk.’s yearly Halloween candy map just came out, and it says something truly horrifying about our state’s taste in sweets. For some reason, pound for pound, the candy we buy the most of is salt water taffy.

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CandyStore even pointed out that salt water taffy “performed much better than some expected.” Naturally, by “much better,” they mean that it was the top choice in just three states: Washington, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

Between 2007 and 2018, Washingtonians bought over 225,000 pounds of an inferior sweet. Our second and third most popular selections were Tootsie Pops and Skittles, so maybe we just have a thing for candy that’s especially difficult to chew.

Whatever the reason, we need to get our act together, especially with the top choice of our far more sensible southern neighbors in Oregon being Reese’s Cups.

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And sure, we’ve wised up enough to know that candy corn is terrible. But between this and our state’s weird affinity for candy canes around the holiday season, we have some serious soul-searching to do regarding our candy consumption.

As an alternative, let’s consider literally anything else this Halloween, so that next year, we can show the country we’re not completely misguided when it comes to our collective sweet tooth.

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