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Seattle Halloween
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We’re back! Seattle Halloween just got better

Seattle is listed as the ninth best city in the nation to go trick-or-treating in 2016. (AP)

It’s a Seattle Halloween comeback!

After years of sliding down the annual list of best cities to trick-or-treat in, Seattle finally leaped back into the top 10. The Emerald City ranked No. 9 in terms of best cities for trick-or-treating this year. That’s according to Zillow’s annual rankings that rate the 20 best cities in the nation for Halloween.

Zillow also looked at the best Seattle neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating in this year:

• Laurelhurst
• Loyal Heights
• Ravenna
• Madison Park
• Wedgewood

Seattle Halloween

The No. 9 ranking is quite an improvement from 2015, when the Seattle had slipped to 18th. The city was at risk of losing any Halloween bragging rights at all. Seattle’s closest Northwest neighbor, Portland, was No. 16. Being that Zillow only ranks the top 20 cities, Seattle was at risk of falling off entirely. And this was after years of dropping in the ranks: No. 1 in 2010; No. 4 in 2011-12; No. 5 in 2013; and No. 8 in 2014.

Even with Seattle’s comeback this year, Portland still tops the Emerald City in 2016 at No. 8.

As for the neighborhoods, Laurelhurst maintains the top spot it has held for years. Ravenna and Madison Park also kept their high Seattle Halloween ranking. Loyal Heights and Wedgwood have joined the fun this year, knocking Queen Anne and Phinney Ridge off the list from 2015.

Zillow considers a few factors to determine the best city: crime rates, housing density, average home price, and the population of kids under the age of 15.

Housing density is important. In theory, the closer the homes, the more there are in a neighborhood, and in turn, the more candy that can be obtained. Average home price feeds the assumption that the more affluent neighborhoods will have the better quality candy.

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