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Seattle freeze, friendliest
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Is Seattle really one of the friendliest cities in the country?

Is Seattle really one of the most friendly cities in the country? (Pexels)

A recent report from OfferUp claims that not only is Washington the friendliest state in the U.S., but Seattle is also the country’s second friendliest city behind San Diego. But does that hold water?

“Uh, nope,” said KIRO Nights co-host Aaron Mason.

“I’m calling shenanigans,” he added.

The study asked respondents a series a questions based on how they treat their neighbors, ranging from how often they interact, to how often they’re willing to lend a helping hand.

Can a new dating app break the Seattle freeze?

That came with a bit of a hole in OfferUp’s methodology, with almost 80 percent of the users on the company’s platform in Seattle interacting over its app.

“Yeah, here’s the thing about Seattle — if you’re talking to people through an app, we’re really freaking friendly,” Mason pointed out.

“Passive-aggressive friendly,” KIRO Nights co-host Gee Scott noted.

“But when you get in person we’re this socially awkward teenager,” Mason continued.

That tracks with the defining feature of the so-called “Seattle Freeze,” positing that the city’s residents are friendly on a surface level (read: over an app), but are generally reluctant to interact with or befriend strangers.

Debunking the ‘Seattle Freeze’

As for OfferUp’s claim that Seattleites are friendly?

“That’s a lie,” said Gee.

“I’m not here to shoot the messenger — I’m just here to call shenanigans on the whole situation,” said Mason.

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