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Seattle ranks fourth best city to be vegan, vegetarian

Nothing makes vegans and vegetarians more frustrated than when they can’t boast about being vegan and vegetarian.

In this regard, while Seattle is pretty good for this dietary crowd, it’s not the best.

And just let me say, I can make that joke — I have a vegan friend.

Is Seattle really one of the friendliest cities in the country?

According to a recent assessment by WalletHub, Seattle is the fourth-best city for vegans and vegetarians. Sorry Seattle, our northwest neighbor Portland takes the top spot at no. 1.

In fact, to round out the top five, in order: Portland, Los Angeles; Orlando; Seattle; and Austin. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, these cities should cater well to your needs. And making the top five is still pretty great.

Four experts considered three primary factors and 17 metrics, including affordability, diversity and accessibility, and vegetarian lifestyle. And considering those factors, Seattle only stands out in one category: it’s fourth for having the most farmers markets and CSAs.

Seattle ranks as fourth in “Diversity, Accessibility, and Quality.” And it ranks ninth for “Vegetarian Lifestyle.” But the city is dragged down by one major factor. No surprise here, Seattle ranks 92 in affordability for vegetarians and vegans. So while there is plenty to cater to this group, it can be expensive to be vegan and vegetarian in Seattle.

This is not the first time Seattle’s affordability ranking has dragged it down. Though, as recent numbers show, about half of the city should be able to afford a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. About 48 percent of the city’s residents earn a six-figure salary. The median income is $93,500.

By they way, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you probably should stay away from El Paso, Texas. That city is at the bottom of the list.

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