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Ross: Maybe Trump just needs to be more efficient in his lawbreaking

President Trump. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Critics of President Trump say he has swallowed Richard Nixon’s concept of the Presidency: That anything the President does is legal.

Ross: Trump and Biden dodging questions hurts all of us

But let’s look at it another way — let’s consider the efficiency of this approach. Take a totally preposterous scenario, such as: The President decides he wants China to dig up dirt on his opponent. Obviously, it’s preposterous because a president who can’t stand socialism would never be in cahoots with an outright communist, but let’s dive in just for the sake of argument.

Suppose China then says, “Mr. Trump we have everything you need on your political opponent. By coincidence, we’ve already arrested the collaborators, and in fact, if you tell us what you want them to say, we can have them say it word for word.”

“All we want in returns is one little thing – that you keep quiet about Hong Kong, and also that you lift the tariffs and let us keep stealing your inventions. Don’t worry, you can still say you made the greatest trade deal ever! It’s such a small favor to ask to help you get a second term, don’t you think?”

Trump starting to make U.S. feel more like ancient Rome

That’s just a hypothetical scenario – but you see how efficient that is? No lengthy negotiation, no endless debates. The deal is done, the stock market goes up.  And if the Statue of Liberty starts weeping – well, blame it on the rain.

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