And the best universities in Washington state are …

Oct 26, 2019, 12:46 AM | Updated: 10:47 am

Sorry Eastern Washington University. Tough luck Washington State University. It hasn’t been your week as multiple rankings have touted the greatness of Seattle’s purple and gold gem — University of Washington.

According to a recent assessment by WalletHub, UW leads the state’s pack of higher education.

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The top 10 colleges and universities:

  1. University of Washington
  2. Gonzaga University
  3. Whitman College
  4. Washington State University
  5. Eastern Washington University
  6. Central Washington University
  7. Pacific Lutheran University
  8. Seattle University
  9. Saint Martin’s University
  10. Northwest University

At least, those are the top institutions of higher education in the state. WalletHub considered all universities and colleges across the country. Sorry, when compared to the rest of the country, the best we rank is 73rd for UW. Still, with well more than 800 colleges considered, that’s pretty good.

For those who are curious, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the best in America. And apologies to Kettering University in Michigan — the worst school in the nation (according to this list).

Diving deeper into WalletHub’s data, only one other university from the state made it onto one of its lists. Apparently, Gonzaga University is in the top five schools with the lowest percentage of international students — not sure how boast-worthy that is though.

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But to end on a positive note, UW received great news this week from Reuters which ranks it the fifth most innovative university in the world. The top five most innovative, from the top, are Standford, MIT, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and UW.

“That is some serious company,” KIRO Nights Aaron Mason said. “I don’t think I realized how elite they are.”

“Where do you think Paul Allen and Bill Gates were going?” co-host Gee Scott said. “They were going to the University of Washington to learn.”

This is the third straight year UW has held the innovative title.

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And the best universities in Washington state are …