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Ross: Why we should all embrace cheating for college admissions

I see where one of the parents involved in the college admissions cheating scam feels that she was unfairly duped. This mom admits she paid $6.5 million to Rick Singer — who was at the center of the scam — to get her daughter into Stanford.

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But she said she did it, not simply to cheat, but because she was led to believe the money would go toward helping underprivileged students.

Now, you see, that’s a nice thing. She may have been cheating, but at least she was cheating for a noble purpose.

And so it occurs to me — why not?

We have all these deserving students who get in legitimately only to end up with a crummy job and a $50,000 debt.

So why not let rich parents pay bribes openly, and then use that money to pay off the debt of the not-so-rich kids?

You can buy your way to the front of the airplane. Washington’s express toll lanes let you buy your way past the traffic jam. Buying your way to the front is an American tradition.

And if it sounds unfair, consider that a $6.5 million bribe for a mediocre rich kid could provide a full ride for one hundred impoverished geniuses. Instant social justice!

And not only that — by forcing these elite schools to admit a few non-geniuses, it would add some badly-needed intellectual diversity.

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