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Ross: The best way to ensure honest political ads

How do we determine fact from fiction? (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Facebook is still taking it from all sides for its political ads.

Ross: Why Zuckerberg has a good point about Facebook’s political ads

The internet rage machine wants the ads fact-checked or banned all together, and voters can’t seem to figure out which ads are real and which ads are Putin’s attempt to get one of his puppets on the school board.

I don’t believe any of them. Not the positive ones with the sappy music and slow motion, and certainly not the negative ones narrated by Godzilla.

I just want the candidate to face the camera and talk. And look at this: if you search the phrase “video voter guide” for your city, that’s what you can get — candidates just talking. There’s one for New York City, Seattle, and even Gresham, Oregon.

No sappy music, no haunted house narration.

It’s up to us to battle social media manipulation

And while some are more polished than others, you don’t want polish! These are not the Oscars! And if it turns out the candidate was lying, you have the promise on video to prove it, and you never elect that candidate again. Take that, Russia! Or are we blaming Ukraine now? I’m so confused.

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