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Ross: Analyzing the impeachment analysis

Every impeachment hearing needs analysis because most of us don’t have the time to watch five hours of testimony. We need someone to understand it for us.

I thought CBS’s Jonathan Turley had some great insights — like the timing of the president’s decision to release aid to Ukraine:

“When the aid was released, it occurred 48 hours after it became clear that the whistleblower account had been given to Congress,” Turley said. “That drives at the main defense of the Republicans.”

… because it implies the president did in fact, intend to withhold the aid, and only relented when he realized he’d been caught.

The really eye-opening analysis, I have to say, was from Laura Ingraham on Fox. Her guest showed video of diplomat George Kent repeatedly sipping from a large water bottle as he testified Wednesday.

“He drank a lot of water, Laura. I mean fish are not this hydrated. Look he’s always taking — throughout the hearing took slugs from this thing of — what is he on a treadmill — what is this with the water bottle? Do you guys see that? It’s amazing. It’s like a medical-sized water tower — I thought he had an oxygen chamber –a water silo.”

Because it’s so weird that someone who’s been talking for five hours would sip water? Perhaps they suspect him of being one of the lizard people secretly running the State Department. Naaah. They would eat mice, wouldn’t they?

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