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2020 gun control agenda targets limits on high-capacity magazines

The gun control debate rages on. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

As the battle over gun control continues to rage in Washington state, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility continues to push for a handful of measures meant to curb gun violence, most recently in the form of its 2020 legislative agenda.

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The 12-point agenda is thorough, including goals to regulate access to ammunition and high-capacity magazines, “address the intersection of alcohol and firearm violence,” allow local governments to enact stricter gun control, create a centralized background check system, and more.

Last year, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s 2019 agenda was a mixed bag in terms of successes and failures — on one hand, a high-capacity magazine ban failed to pass through the Legislature, as well as another bill that would have expanded gun-free zones.

On the other, the group also aided in pushing forward bans on bump stocks and so-called “ghost guns,” as well as a bill to limit the ability of domestic abusers to posses firearms.

In 2020, legislation is already being drawn up for a second try at limiting high-capacity magazines banning the sale of any magazine with over 10 rounds of ammunition. The bill will be sponsored by State. Rep. Javier Valdez, who sponsored the first run at a ban in 2019 that ultimately failed after getting a vote in committee.

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“I think our Washington state residents want us to take action, they want to ensure that our state and our Legislature are doing everything they can (to keep people safe),” he told The Seattle Times.

A bill to expand gun-free zones will be likely be sponsored by Rep. Lauren Davis. In 2019, Rep. Davis failed to get a measure passed prohibiting guns in areas like schools, child care centers, parks, and libraries; the version she’s targeting in 2020 will just include child care centers.

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