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I-976 sponsor Tim Eyman says AG Bob Ferguson has a conflict of interest

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Initiative 976 sponsor Tim Eyman has some harsh words for Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson. In an email sent to Ferguson, Eyman accused the AG of trying to sabotage the state’s defense of $30 car tabs.

Eyman now says he’s going to file a motion to disqualify Ferguson and his office from the case, arguing they have a conflict of interest. Eyman has been in a legal battle with the attorney general for years over the use of campaign funds.

Todd: If $30 car tabs are shot down by courts it’s time for large scale, peaceful civil disobedience

“Because of your sabotage of the I-976 case, it is critical that the damage be ameliorated as much as possible. You must file Motion for Reconsideration BEFORE appeal to Supreme Court – skipping this step solidifies your deliberate sabotage,” he wrote. “Bob Ferguson, you didn’t just shaft Tim Eyman with your skullduggery, you undermined voters faith in government and shattered their belief that their votes count.”

WA Attorney General’s office says Seattle can withstand I-976 passing

“If you were telling the truth that your team is going to working this weekend, then instruct them to first get a motion for reconsideration filed on Monday morning and include in it as much of the above as possible to clean up the mess you made and augment the court record so that an appeal to the supreme court actually has a chance at success.”

The AG’s office is tasked with defending the voter-approved measure, after counties, cities, and others sued to block the initiative. A judge granted an injunction this week, temporarily blocking I-976 from taking effect until its worked out in the courts.

After judge pauses I-976, Tim Eyman urges supporters to not pay car tab fees

In response, Eyman is also urging voters who supported Initiative 976 to not pay their vehicle registration fees, likening it to civil disobedience.

With reporting from KIRO Radio

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