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Todd: If $30 car tabs are shot down by courts it’s time for large scale, peaceful civil disobedience 

Car tabs. (MyNorthwest photo)

This week a King County Judge issued a hold on 976: he suggested 976 covers more than on more one topic. He said the Ballot Title, written by Bob Ferguson’s Office, may have misled voters. The idea that 976 covers more than one topic is silly; it cuts cars tabs to $30 and presents the details on how and when the cuts occur. The issue of the Ballot Title was, in my opinion, a poison pill: it creates wiggle room for the State to pretend agencies can continue to collect the taxes about the $30 limit.

Earlier this week, the judge asked Noah Purcell, the State’s Solicitor General, if I-976 would allow Sound Transit to continue to collect its car tab fees. Noah Purcell said “I don’t know”


The lawyer supposedly defending 976 says he doesn’t know if Sound Transit has to cut its car tab taxes to comply with that?

Garbage. He was playing the poison pill game.

I know! The answer is: “NO, ‘your Honor’, Sound Transit cannot continue to tax people the inflated rates. I-976 is absolutely clear, it lowers car tabs to $30. ONLY FUTURE VOTES by the people can change that.”

YOU KNOW the answer is NO. That is why you voted either for it or against it.

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Sound Transit is aware that the answer is no. Sound Transit’s so called CEO and other transit grifters warned voters across the State that $30 car tabs would cut transit funding.

Jenny Durkan knows the answer is no. She has been moaning about the $30 car tab cuts to transit for months.

Bob Ferguson – who spent millions of dollars of your money trying to destroy Tim Eyman – knows.

Ferguon’s crony, Noah Purcell is an expert on word usage and contracts. Any competent lawyer hired to defend 976 would have read every word of the initiative multiple times. Every competent attorney would have already formulated his answer to that question with supporting facts and language from the initiative. The answer – “I don’t know” – is purely ludicrous.

Noah Purcell is clearly a competent lawyer. I contend Noah Purcell knows the answer: 976 cuts car tab taxes to $30. To me, it seems quite clear that that lawyer charged with defending 976 took a dive. So, where does that leave us? With a decision to make: do we swallow a poison pill or spit it back in the faces of these politicians?

After judge pauses I-976, Tim Eyman urges supporters to not pay car tab fees

When I praised Ferguson’s defense of 976, I noted he gave himself license to defend it well in his argument because of what I suspect is his poison pill. The loose language in Bob Ferguson’s Ballot Summary’s provides enough weasel room for the judge to pretend voters were deceived – but you weren’t. Even supporters of big transit, who are usually critical of conspiracy theories – some people on our radio show match that description – consider Bob Ferguson’s Ballot Summary language to be suspicious.

If 976 is derailed by the courts, the voters of Washington State have a choice: they can submit to being mere subjects of a group of virtual royals who change the rules of the game whenever they like and openly laugh at the expressed will of the people, or they can stand in open opposition to an attempt to erase their votes.

Tell Me I’m Wrong: if $30 car tabs are shot down by the courts it will be time for large scale, peaceful civil disobedience. People statewide should license their cars in Idaho or Oregon using a mailbox service as their address and they should never again pay to license a vehicle in Washington State.

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