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Candy: You should be fined for ignoring leaves in front of your home

Rake your leaves, people! (Unsplash)

Anyone who ignores their leaves on the sidewalk should be fined $500 immediately — tell me I’m wrong.

Candy: You don’t understand the word ‘offended’

Do you have a sidewalk around your house? Then it’s your responsibility as the adjoining landowner to clear it of snow, branches or leaves. That’s all you, baby. The city will not clear your sidewalk; you have to do it, and it’s against most city codes if you don’t.

Yesterday on my run — which is hard enough for me as it is — picture someone with cement moon-boots on (that’s my pace, anyway). I’m on the sidewalk and vrppp! My right foot slides to the left, I do my snowboarding tuck and roll, my hip and shoulder slam into a driveway, and I’m covered in wet sticky leaves and moss that was growing on the driveway. I slowly got up and did my appendage check. Head, not bleeding. Hip, shoulder throbbing, and knee road-rashed.

My dog running partner was useless, sitting there like, “what’s your problem?” I hobbled the mile home and have been on steady diet of Advil and self pity ever since.

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When we were kids we would fall and bounce back up. As a healthy adult, i feel like i was in a fender bender complete with whiplash, which got me to thinking about the elderly or the handicapped. If someone like that slipped where I did, they could have ended up in the emergency room.

Most cities that get snow regularly have this down — clear it within 24 hours or it’s a $1,000 fine. This should be the same with leaves in the Northwest, but because I’m nice and suffering from a head injury, I’ll knock it down to $500.

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