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Ross: Embarrassing cost of insulin in US something we can all agree on

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For years, American drug caravans have been taking diabetics to Canada to buy the insulin they need to stay alive.

Ross: A new theory about why our health care is so expensive

This man was on the most recent trip that left Sunday from Morgantown, West Virginia.

“My Mom works all day, and I work two part-time jobs while in high school and taking college classes just to pay for my own medicine,” he stated.

They go to Canada because a vial of insulin that costs $250 here costs $25 there.

Its embarrassing, and the thing is, Democrats, Republicans, even Trump himself, all agree it’s unfair.

Democrats keep saying they can walk and chew gum — how about impeaching the president and fixing the insulin scandal?

I realize part of the game in America is that if you have no money, you must be punished and live in your car. That’s fine if it’s because of your own stupid decisions, but if it’s because of a broken pancreas, making you live in your car seems like piling on.

Could threat of free health care be enough to reform industry?

Especially when a lot of this is because of the way American drug companies are gaming the patent system.

Unfortunately, our politicians are preoccupied at the moment, but how about this: As part of the new trade agreement, Canada agrees to open an embassy branch at every Walmart pharmacy. The pharmacy instantly becomes Canadian territory, and starts selling every brand of insulin for a civilized Canadian price. No bus caravan necessary.

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