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Seattle Police K9, dog, Katniss
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Non-profit gifts Seattle Police K9 with protective vest

Seattle Police K9 Katniss. (Seattle Police Department)

A donation from a non-profit will soon outfit a Seattle Police Department K9 with a custom embroidered protective vest.

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The dog — a German Shepherd named Katniss — will get her vest sometime in the next two or so months, providing protection from bullets and potential stab wounds. Katniss’s gift is sponsored by Kammeraad of Baaj Quality Systems Consulting, via a Massachusetts non-profit.

Vested Interest in K9s, a non-profit based out of East Taunton, Mass. Established a decade ago, the charity has a stated mission to provide protection and assistance to dogs in law enforcement across the country.

Since 2009, Vested Interests has provided over $6.9 million worth of custom-fitted protective vests — 3,500 total — spread out across all 50 states, thanks to donations from both private and corporate entities.

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Each vest is valued between $1,744 and $2,283, and comes with a five-year warranty. If you’re interesting in donating a vest to dogs like Katniss, you can do so through the charity’s website here.

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