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Ross: Character and continence required for impeachment testimony

Supporters of President Donald Trump attend a House Judiciary Committee markup hearing on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It is very time-consuming to keep yourself fully informed.

For example: the testimony Wednesday of Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz. He was there to explain the FBI’s decision to investigate members of the Trump Campaign in 2016.

His testimony took over two hours in the morning and then another three hours in the afternoon. He explained over and over that while he found no evidence of anti-Trump bias in the decision to start the investigation, he found the FBI made way too many mistakes during the investigation. The mistakes were serious enough that some people need to be fired.

It was testimony that didn’t quite fit either the Democratic or Republican story line, but I think both sides agreed that Mr. Horowitz definitely earned the compliment he received toward the end from Louisiana Senator John Kennedy:

“Long day, general,” Senator Kennedy said. “You’ve got sturdy kidneys.”

I predict America is going to need many more officials like Mr. Horowitz, because in an era of endless testimony, integrity is not enough. Whether you’re testifying or just watching, you have to be that person who deliberately chooses the window seat, who doesn’t get up during intermissions. The era of endless hearings requires not just strength and character, but continence.

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