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Ross: Seattleites need a librarian to figure out recycling rules

The recycling crackdown continues.

King County: Plastic bags and wrap can no longer go in recycling bins

In some cities you can no longer recycle plastic bags, and other plastics need to be cleaned first, and on and on it goes, to the point that the city of Seattle published an online list of 284 items from aluminum foil to Ziploc bags, and the rules on how to rid yourself of them.

Only unused foil gets recycled; plastic bags should be bundled and returned to the store. Large coffee pods go in the garbage, but under 3 inches they go in the yard waste. Jar lids 3 inches or larger, recycled; under 3 inches are recycled only if attached to the jar.

Suffice it to say, you need a librarian to put trash out.

There must be a simpler way. How about every grocery store has one aisle where all the food is in self-destructing containers made 100 percent from plants? The use-by date would be self-enforcing!

How China’s ban on plastic, paper waste impacts Seattle recycling

We can do this. We’re the nation that makes deep-fake burgers from peas, coconuts, and beets. We ought to be able to take it home in a bag made from the same stuff. As someone once said, I think it was me:

It used to be the garbage man
Would never look inside your can
The only sorting going on
Was by the stray dogs on your lawn
But now we must arrange our rubble
Like a smelly jigsaw puzzle
And for all the fuss and trouble
Sure enough your rates get doubled.

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