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Ross: Only our old cords can save us from the end of the world

It might be best to save that box of useless cables. (Sven, Flickr Creative Commons)

I want to thank Katherine Bindley for her Wall Street Journal piece on people who hoard old cables, because now I realize I am not alone!

She seems to find it odd that people still keep the USB cords and the HDMI cords, and the lightning cables for the equipment they no longer have. But there’s a reason, which is they’re all perfectly good cords! Some of them are still in the original packages.

Not only do I have dozens of computer cords – I keep the old pre-computer cords too – like the land line phone cords. Naturally, I keep my land line so I can answer those early-morning calls from that woman who thinks I speak Chinese.

And the reason I keep all this stuff is number one, you don’t throw out stuff that’s perfectly good, and number two, I don’t trust this idea of having all my data flying unrestrained through the air.

When some enemy jams all the WiFi channels, we’re going to have to connect things with wires again. And when that day comes, I’m ready.

I’ll have my unhackable phone, Hi8 camcorder, Radio Shack intercom system, and one dead Jibo desktop robot.

But for now, back in your grave, Jibo. Your time will come.

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