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A teenager flies a drone armed with a gun, what could go wrong?

A Connecticut teenager has taken his drone hobby to the next level and has armed his drones - similar to this one - with a loaded weapon. (AP)

A hobby drone equipped with a gun! Is it really such a bad idea?

A Connecticut teenager has taken his drone hobby to the next level. Austin Haughwout, 18, was already famous on YouTube for this video showing what happens when you fly your drone over young women sunbathing on a beach. A drone with a camera.

“You shouldn’t be taking pictures of people on the beach!” a woman screamed as she assaulted Haughwout, shortly after he flew his camera-holding drone. The assault was also caught on camera.

But I guess peek-a-boo got a little too risky so he decided to go in another direction. Last week posted a video of a quad-copter equipped with a semi-automatic handgun. Which he can, and did, fire by remote control.

The question here is not whether this is safe &#8212 obviously this is not safe. The question is whether this is legal. Austin’s father says it is. We do have the second amendment, and I suppose you could argue that, if the President can use killer drones to keep Yemen safe why can’t a teenager use killer drones to keep Connecticut safe?

So sleep well Connecticut, because this will happen again, since it turns out violent drone videos are quite lucrative. The teenager in Connecticut is also making money from his YouTube video and so we might as well prepare ourselves.

If this kind of thing creeps you out, I would say that anytime you hear that tell-tale sound of a drone buzzing overhead, just make it a practice to dive for cover. That way, if it’s an armed drone you’re safe, and if it isn’t, then your package from Amazon will be waiting for you when you get up.

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