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Ross: US finally doing something about rampant robocalls

Robocalls continue to plague Americans every day. (Pexels)

Government lawyers have been trying for years to stop robocalls. Now, I don‘t mind the occasional free vacation, and I appreciate when the calls at least pretend you have a choice.

Washington area code 206 gets highest amount of robocalls in U.S.

“Press 9 to be added to the Do Not Call List,” one of the robocallers often states.

But you have to draw the line. You don’t threaten people.

“And before you get arrested if you need any information or have any question kindly call us back,” another call warns.

And they call, and they call, and they call.

“This is your final courtesy call before we are unable to lower your credit card interest rate,” yet another will offer.

They even threaten not to call you! Again, and again, and again.

But this week, the Department of Justice, instead of just going after the call centers in India, is for the first time suing the U.S. companies that keep patching these calls through.

Ross: It’s never been easier to spread disinformation

And we’re talking about a lot of calls. One of these companies based in Scottsdale Arizona patched through 720 million calls over 23 days!

Hearing “press 9 to be added to the Do Not Call List” likely had 720 million people desperately pressing 9.

That would be like ringing the phones of every man, woman, child, foreign tourist, and domestic animal in America, and then calling the animals back two more times, just because they couldn’t press 9.

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