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Knee replacement doesn’t stop Dori from giving hot takes

Dori was upbeat when Brock showed up to the hospital with his favorite Seattle snack. (Nicole Jennings/staff photo)

Dori Monson might have just gotten a knee replacement … but it didn’t stop the passionate talk show host from getting fired up over all the headlines from the last few days. Dori could not resist calling in to his own show to give his comments.

“It’s a sickness, Todd — I’m supposed to take these weeks off just to rehab and recover, and then I start reading the news, and I said, ‘I hope Todd will let me come on with him for just a few minutes,'” Dori said to his fill-in host, Todd Herman. “The craziness is just running unabated.”

1) The gateway drug to Dori’s return to the world of news was an occurrence at the Oscars on Sunday. When accepting the Best Documentary award for “American Factory,” filmmaker Julia Reichert took a few words from Karl Marx’ “Communist Manifesto” to declare, “Working people have it harder and harder these days, and we believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite.”

Dori: “Seeing this room of people who are worth $50 million, $200 million, $1 billion, applauding for the ‘Communist Manifesto’ just blows my mind — the sheer hypocrisy of these people who [applaud] because it’s trendy. They don’t live their lives for one second like they want to share with other people, like they would give up their billion dollars and live like you and me and our listeners, because they love living in 8,000-square-foot mansions, and having a life that is unimaginable to 99.9999 percent of the country. So they’re applauding the ‘Communist Manifesto’ when there is not one person in that room who lives their life like that.”

Post-surgery Dori recalls sitting next to Dow Constantine at Paramount Theatre

2) Jim Fuda of Crime Stoppers Global Solutions told the Dori Monson Show on Monday that the sex ed bills in the Legislature, which could potentially bring sexually explicit lesson plans to public schools, could open up the door for kids to fall victim to grooming by predators.

Dori: “There is a trend-line between government and these radical leftist groups who want to get control of our children — our kids can go to the doctor on our insurance, they can begin life-altering, irreversible pharmaceuticals, and Mom and Dad are cut out of it. So many people have said to me, ‘No legitimate doctor would allow something like that if it’s not needed.’ That is simply ignorance. Just like we have judges who have said that they are ‘resistance in a robe,’ we have doctors who have decided that their reason for being is to impose a radical agenda. They say, ‘We just want kids to report it if someone inappropriately touches them.’ And so they say something so innocuous and so universal about what we all believe and want for our kids, but it’s a Trojan Horse. It’s a Trojan Horse to get in all of this other stuff … People are willing to destroy the lives of children so that they can use them as a tool for their social agenda — it is one of the most sickening, nauseating trend-lines that I have ever covered.”

3) The Seattle City Council unanimously passed Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s bill that would ban evictions during winter months.

Dori: “It’s unconstitutional. What it is is the government taking private policy. These groups within the Seattle City Council have a social agenda. And so, if a landlord has a deadbeat tenant, and that deadbeat tenant goes in knowing, ‘I’m not going to pay my rent in January and February, I’ll get two months free rent,’ it would cost too much to go after them, and then the deadbeat can just move on to another apartment next year … This is the government taking private property for a social agenda. Years ago, I fought vigorously against the Critical Areas Ordinance, which was the same thing — the patently unconstitutional taking of private property. And you know there’s nothing more fundamentally important to a free land than private property.”

4) Democrats in the Legislature have introduced a bill that they say would lower car tab fees.

“They want to put a band-aid on something that requires a tourniquet. Families are hurting. A family that has three cars should be paying $90, but instead they’re paying $1,200. We’re talking about the poor and working class. If you’re making good dough, you can handle $1,200. But for a working-class family, that is tough. The party that always pays lip service to wanting to help the poor and working class takes advantage of those very people. The anger that I am hearing from our listeners is unbelievable. Don’t be fooled when this legislation is introduced to reduce car tab fees because it is by a minuscule amount. And they’re trying to use this to stave off this growing fury by the voters.”

5) The U.S. Department of Justice is suing King County over its refusal to allow ICE deportation flights from Boeing Field.

Dori: “I love seeing that the Trump administration is suing King County to allow deportation flights from Boeing Field. Dow Constantine, in a thuggish, Mafioso-like action, told private businesses around Boeing Field, ‘If you service these airplanes — food service, cleaning, anything — that are used by the feds to fly illegals who have been deported, after going through the legal process, [you will lose all county contracts]’ … some of these are rapists, some of these are child molesters. And Dow Constantine has said, ‘We’re not going to let you use Boeing Field, even if we’re holding [the illegal immigrants] in Tacoma. You’re going to have to get on a bus, drive across the pass, and fly out of Yakima.’  Of course, [there is] the danger for the law enforcement personnel, men and women who are living a life to protect us and defend our country, [when they] have to drive across snowy passes. And now the Trump administration is suing [the county] because King County is collecting money from the feds, but will not cooperate at all with the feds.”

Dori continues to recover from his knee replacement, but he might pop back on the show from time to time.

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