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Judge blocks Trump from using Kitsap naval base funds on border wall

Construction on the southern border wall. (Getty Images)

A federal judge blocked the Trump administration from diverting funds away from a Kitsap naval submarine base toward building a wall along the U.S./Mexican border.

Trump targets Kitsap naval base for border wall funds

The President had initially hoped to take $89 million from planned construction on Naval Base Kitsap to put toward his proposed border wall, after attempts to get Congress to provide the funding stalled out in late 2019.

“I am pleased that the Court agreed that money from Washington state projects should not be diverted to help subsidize President Trump’s border wall,” said Gov. Jay Inslee in a news release. “Washington will continue to fight against any proposed efforts to move funds out of our state for unlawful and unconstitutional purposes.”

Known as the Bangor Project, this was one of a over 100 military construction projects targeted for border wall funds. It was originally green-lit to build a pier in support of a unit that protects ballistic submarines carrying nuclear warheads. Its funding will now be restored, at least for the time being.

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U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Rothstein noted that it was “difficult for this Court to imagine much, if anything, that could be more important to the State of Washington than that the nuclear-powered submarines carrying nuclear warheads are secure when traveling through its waters.”

Judge Rothstein also cited the chance of incurring “potentially disastrous results” without the Bangor Project moving forward.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson — who has filed dozens of lawsuits against the Trump administration over the years — was equally as effusive in his support of the project.

“We’re looking forward to this $89 million being used the way Congress intended — to support a military construction project in Washington state,” he stated.

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