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Family of Snohomish County teen assures public they’re following guidelines

(Everett Public Schools)

Health officials announced Friday night that a teen at Jackson High School in Everett tested ‘presumptive positive’ for coronavirus.

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The student, who hasn’t traveled outside the U.S., wasn’t in school most of the week, but was on campus briefly Friday morning before returning home. Everett Public Schools announced that the school is closed over the weekend and on Monday so that crews can thoroughly disinfect the campus.

The family issued the following statement:

Our child became ill with flu-like symptoms on Monday morning. We took the necessary steps to have him seen by medical professionals and to be tested for the flu. We didn’t learn of the testing of COVID-19 until Friday morning, after our now symptom-free child left for school. He promptly returned home before school started.

We are taking this situation very seriously. Please know that we have been following all guidance and instructions from both the healthcare providers that treated our son, as well the Snohomish Health District. We understand the concerns and anxiety raised, but we ask that the community and media please respect our family’s privacy.

The teen’s case is the second known case of coronavirus in Snohomish County. That case was announced on January 21. He was treated and released after fully recovering at Providence Medical Center. A third person connected to Bothell High School was tested last week. The results came back negative on Friday.

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