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Ross: We’ll know right away if reopening US on Easter is a bad idea

President Donald Trump hopes to have the country reopened by Easter. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A note from a listener:

I don’t believe the virus is a hoax, but I do believe that it is being overblown. Most of the population will survive this infection. The fact that the media does not include this fact in their narratives is a disgrace. I am not a Trump fan, but I like what he is doing now, I will definitely vote for him to be re-elected if he takes the courageous step to open the economy back up sooner rather than later. This is utterly ridiculous.

Thank you for that. I think we’ve heard that side of the story – that most cases are mild. Prince Charles has it, and he’s fine. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are feeling better.

But I don’t think we want to imply that it’s no different from the flu. Because the experts say it’s very different from the flu, and also because of what happened in China, where even a highly organized police state couldn’t control the story once the hospitals started filling up.

I understand why the President wants America open for business. Everybody wants that — especially parents with small children who are trying to decide if they still love them.

But I want to reassure this listener I will not scold the President if he decides to overrule the experts so his Easter dream can come true. Not for me to say whether he’s right or wrong. That will become crystal clear about two weeks after all those un-vaccinated people crowd into those Easter services.

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