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Dori’s Thursday Covid wrap up

Gov. Inslee on Wednesday, April 1.

Jay Inslee says “we’re all in this together”

Nonsense! We got shocking unemployment #’s on Thursday. 185,000 of our Washingtonians filed for unemployment last week. All of them in the private sector. Government is not sacrificing or feeling any economic pain. They’re pushing it all on us.

SPD Chief Carmen Best says we should call 911 if we hear “name-calling”

We don’t have cops at times to respond to burglaries in progress. But we’re going to call for words? I’ll keep the cops busy 24/7 just with the people who text my show!

Bill Gates says large gatherings may be banned until we have a vaccine

This could mean the cancellation of concerts, the baseball season, and likely even NFL and college football (or games being played in empty stadiums). I got a lot of pushback on this one. I said I think Gates is a smart guy and this could be accurate. I was amazed at how many of my listeners don’t trust him and think he’s trying to develop that vaccine himself. I respect the skepticism. But I still think he’s brilliant and could be right.

Seattle Councilmembers Sawant and Morales want a gigantic business tax

They say it’ll provide $500 week to the “disadvantaged” including people who are here illegally. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard – from a council that regularly outdoes itself on stupidity. Huge companies like Boeing are offering buyouts to all 180,000 employees. Starbucks says it will only be able to pay employees through early May. Even our largest companies are teetering on the brink during this economic disaster. A giant tax right now would ensure a massive business exodus out of Seattle.

But that’s what I truly believe Sawant and Morales want. A complete cratering of our local economy so they can rebuild in their Marxist dreams. I asked listeners if they think their tax plan is pure evil… or pure stupidity. The overwhelming consensus:


Tomorrow on the Big Show. Wrap up Inslee’s Thursday evening presser extending the stay-at-home mandate. And Week Two of “Catching up with my contacts during Covid” – where I talk to an ol’ friend who you will all know.

Take care!

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