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Maple Valley family recreates 80s Journey hit during quarantine

A listener sent in a video of a family in Maple Valley who spent their quarantine time creating a shot by shot recreation of Journey’s “Separate Ways,” which has since gone a bit viral. Dad Steven Heller joined The Dori Monson Show to discuss what inspired them to do it.

“It was so much fun. I was sitting here in my office and I get a text from my wife who is in the bedroom just next door, and she’s like, ‘We need to make a music video.’ I thought that sounds like a lot of work … On Saturday, we just took all day. I didn’t think my kids were going to be into it. I thought they’d say, ‘Mom and dad, you’re dorks,'” he said.

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“My daughter’s almost 16 but she got way into it. So we broke it apart, shot by shot. They were going through their closets trying to find what they can wear. It was definitely a team effort to bring that thing together.”

The family shot the video all in one day, then took several hours to edit everything. As Dori noted, it’s refreshing that while many are complaining about being quarantined at home and getting bored, this family created something funny they’ll laugh about for the rest of their lives.

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“We talked about it during this quarantine with our kids a lot. We’re kind of living through history; there’s a few moments of my life that I can look back at and remember where I was and what I was doing,” he said. “And I think we’re kind of living in those times right now, and I want to have good memories when I think back on it. So it’s up to us to make them.”

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