Why does Chris Reykdal’s head of perverse sex-ed call herself a counselor on her resumé?

May 8, 2020, 8:45 AM | Updated: 10:25 am
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Laurie Dils works for Boss of Government Schools, Chris Reykdal. She spent your tax money to promote an article that contends it’s good for children to watch pornography and suggests using pornography in government schools.

Laurie Dils also told the audience at a Planned Parenthood event that sexually extreme curricula should be taught in all classes, meaning there would be no ability to opt kids out. That is all to be expected from bureaucrats in Chris Reykdal’s office, where the uniform belief, as expressed by the curricula model they intend to force into schools, is that kids of all ages are sexual beings with the ability to consent to sexual pleasure and the right to pursue it … at any age. And you are a “flat-earther,” as Chris Reykdal once called parents, if you disagree with their radical positions.

What one may not expect, is that Laurie Dils also appears to be presenting herself as a “Counselor and Professional Sex Educator in Private Practice In Washington State.” Counselors must be licensed, yet, as the screen capture below seems indicate, Laurie Dils is neither licensed, nor certified, and as such, she should not be operating in that capacity.

Laurie Dils LinkedIn

The Washington State database for professional licensing confirms that Laurie Dils is not licensed or certified as a counselor.

Laurie Dils

I received a tip from a listener, who is a mental health professional, that Laurie Dils’ lack of license is disconcerting and unusual.

[I write to share] my concerns that it does not appear that Laurie Dils with OSPI has a clinical license.

Typically, a social worker managing or working within a program at her level would have their clinical licensure; for example, an LICSW does not require oversight and has met the professional requirements to operate and function independently their my field. They can also be subject to disciplinary action through the Department of Health. They are required to complete a number of ongoing Certified Education Units every two years and pay an annual license fee of approximately $150. It’s a bit of a headache, but it is required to work as a Social Worker in Washington State.

Laurie has listed on her LinkedIn page that she is a Counselor and Professional Sex Educator in Private practice.

Per Department of Health, she is neither licensed, nor certified, thus she cannot function independently in private practice.

In an era where barbers are having their licenses pulled for cutting hair, when Sideshow Bob Ferguson is threatening to sue businesses for doing business, what did the State of Washington do when one of my listeners alerted them to Laurie Dils promoting herself as a counselor despite the lack of a license to practice? They did exactly what one would expect when a state bureaucrat is informed that a fellow bureaucrat is breaking the law: nothing.

Laurie Dils

Laurie Dils responded to an email I sent her by explaining: “I did in fact work as a ‘Sexuality Counselor’ in private practice for a couple of years prior to my employment at OSPI. I closed my practice in 2013, the same year I started working at OSPI. I have not had any counseling clients for over 7 years and no longer have a current counselor registration with the state.”

She did not respond to my follow-up question, where I asked her if she currently presents herself anywhere as a counselor. Her LinkedIn profile remains unchanged. There, she is still presenting herself as a counselor.

I discussed, this morning, on my radio show, what the obsession Chris Reykdal and Laurie Dils have shown around the perverse curricula model, cynically named “Comprehensive Sexual Education,” will do to the minds of children in Washington State.

I am forced to wonder what went on in Laurie Dils’ sessions. Was she counseling children? If she was counseling children, did she show kids pornography? Did Laurie Dils suggest that kids should sext their classmates or, perhaps, tell her young clients that, if they are not ready for intercourse in 7th grade, they should bathe naked with their friends?

It’s perfectly reasonable for me to ask these questions because these are just a few of the least extreme pieces of the perverse curricula she and Chris Reydkal want to shove down your throats and those of kids, starting in kindergarten, in the government schools.

I am sure parents whose kids might work with Laurie Dils would like to know what goes on in these sessions, but, in Jay Inslee’s Washington, 13-year-olds are in complete control of their mental health and can, in fact, get abortions and even cross-sex hormones without parental permission, though third parties can force parents to pay through their insurance companies, even without telling parents for what they are being charged.

This is what happens when bureaucrats engorged by sexually radical beliefs like Laurie Dils and Chris Reykdal are allowed to run rampant under one party rule.

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Why does Chris Reykdal’s head of perverse sex-ed call herself a counselor on her resumé?