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Inslee, coronavirus stay at home order
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Herman: I question the motivation of Washington state media on COVID-19

Gov. Jay Inslee. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The entire Washington state news media complex has refused to question the motives of Jay Inslee during his COVID Theater. Worse, they have refused to provide important context to their users, readers or viewers.

My theory is, the media has abandoned their watchdog role because they are suffering from the panic of the elites, wherein, the “smart” people believe we huddled masses need to be scared into doing what that “smart” people tell us is best — I believe that is their motivation for not doing their duty as journalists.

Whatever the cause, it’s clear that the media will not apply any skepticism to what Jay Inslee is telling us about his shutdown. That has job has been left to me, Jason Rantz, Dori Monson, and global and conservative media.

Tuesday, on my radio show, I explored more reason why I question the motives of Washington state news media who have, as a block, chosen to not tell their audiences about these facts and much more.

Data, science and trackable behaviors: I haven’t come to this opinion due to feelings, I have used actual data and knowable, documented facts of media behavior to arrive at my opinion. Here is a small compendium of the important data the Washington State media has chosen to suppress from you or to deemphasize to the point of it being effectively hidden. I welcome anyone in news media to come on my program to explain why these things are left for me to share with you.

COVID-19 deaths are being radically inflated: Since Colorado lost a lawsuit and was forced to decrease their COVID-19 deaths by 23%, causing their Democrat governor to harshly criticize the CDC, shouldn’t that be of major interest to Washington state media? It was interesting to the Freedom Foundation, which claims Washington state is also over-counting COVID-19 deaths.

There is no medical emergency: Why hasn’t the Washington state media hammered home the fact that 99% of people are not at any form of serious medical risk from the virus? Doesn’t that seem relevant since a million Washingtonians have been put out of work by Jay Inslee?

Oh, and Stanford University has learned that COVID-19 may be less deadly than … the flu.

We, the human race, are our best defense against the virus: The Washington state media could inform people that between 95% and 98% of people who contract COVID-19 will never know they are sick, even as they help develop herd immunity that will protect the rest of us.

There is a gigantic societal emergency: Speaking of Jay Inslee’s shutdown, wouldn’t Washingtonians wants to know that the CDC itself is expecting between 20,000 and 40,000 additional deaths due to the lockdowns?

The lockdowns have probably been worthless: Maybe they media would like to take a break from pushing fear-mongering and, instead, focus their attention on the well documented evidence that locking a state or a country down doesn’t affect, in any way, the growth rate of the virus? That seems particularly newsworthy given Jay Inslee’s claim that he uses “data” and “science” when he kills businesses.

My listeners are keenly aware of the difference between Jay Inslee and his team, and real people, when it comes to the economic devastation Inslee’s shutdowns have caused.

There is no scientific reasons for the schools remaining closed: The entire Washington state news media complex chose to hide the obscene, pornographic sex-ed curricula Chris Reykdal and Jay Inslee shoved down the throats of parents during the early days of the virus scare. So, maybe they would like to make up for that fact by telling their readers about the growing amount of data to indicate there is literally no reason to keep the schools closed? For instance, there are no recorded cases of kids giving parents COVID-19.

This is a virus that targets older people, to a shocking degree, it is especially shocking if you get your news from mainstream media. This thread ends all discussion on the topic of age.

Contact tracing, at the point, is probably useless: To help with contact tracing people, Jay Inslee attempted to force people to give their names, emails, phones numbers and addresses to the government if they wanted to eat at a restaurant, but, Seattle’s elites threw a fit and he had to retreat. Like so much of what Inslee has done, contact tracing is probably useless as it is really only designed to stop the spread of a virus before a pandemic takes hold.

The model that kicked this entire thing off is trash: The Washington state media ignores the fact that the University of Washington’s model, so touted by Inslee, is a proven failure in predicting deaths in non-lockdown states, shouldn’t the local media report that the Neil Ferguson model, that which got the entire globe locked down, is now proven to be a complete mess?

He started the global lockdown, he got COVID himself, and went out on the town: If digging into the junk code Ferguson peddled to global alarmists is too geeky, maybe the Washington state media might like to inform their audiences that Ferguson became infected with COVID-19 and, against his own demands of you, went traipsing about London, wearing no mask, to visit his mistress?

While real people in Washington State have been economically devastated, it appears some bureaucrats are getting sweet raises.

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