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Jay Inslee, stay at home order
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Gov. Inslee receives high marks for coronavirus response in new poll

Gov. Jay Inslee. (Office of the Governor)

Despite facing opposition from some to his stay-at-home order, Gov. Jay Inslee is polling favorably among Washingtonians over how he’s managed the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Gov. Inslee, Mayor Durkan honored among ‘heroes of the pandemic’

In a recent poll from Survey Monkey, the Washington governor’s approval rating for his handling of the pandemic sat at 67%, tied with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Idaho Gov. Brad Little. He had previously garnered lofty polling numbers in early April, when a Microsoft survey saw him receive a 74% approval rating.

Of the 50 total governors polled by Survey Monkey, Inslee was 27th, just ahead of Kansas’s Gov. Laura Kelly and Maine Gov. Janet Mills, both of whom garnered 66% approval ratings.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown — who recently has faced opposition in court to her stay-at-home order — garnered 63% approval for her coronavirus response.

In that same poll, President Trump’s approval was less than that of 49 of 50 governors, polling at just 43% for his pandemic response. That had him tied with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who controversially opted to lift stay-at-home guidelines weeks ago against the advice of many health experts.

Governors who have opted to follow Georgia’s lead in lifting social distancing restrictions early are among the other lower slots on Survey Monkey’s poll, with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sitting at 46th and 47th, respectively.

Durkan: US health system ‘wasn’t ready’ for coronavirus outbreak

A separate poll from Navigator Research saw the President poll even lower, with just 40% approval for his handling of the virus. That’s the lowest mark he’s received in Navigator polls since it first began tracking data in late March.

According to Navigator, support for stay-at-home orders remains strong, with 58% of respondents saying they opposed reopening the country “in the next few weeks.” Just 35% said they supported quickly reopening.

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