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Seattle protesters, CHOP
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Ross: What Seattle’s CHOP protesters have ignored

A broken heart is painted on a street barricade near one of the entrances to the CHOP. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

A brief drama played out in Seattle’s CHOP area on Tuesday.

A young Black man, who lives in the area that’s been occupied by protesters for more than two weeks now, walked out onto the street alone, and started taking down some of the wooden street barricades put up by the demonstrators, moving them out of the way. A few people tried to convince him to stop, but he kept going.

When Converge Media reporter Omari Salisbury asked him why, here’s what he said:

“There’s people in my building who need medical assistance,” the man described. “The medical provider has been afraid to come out here because of these guys walking around with guns, I got a guy that’s in a wheelchair, right? He can’t get out of his wheelchair. Somebody else has to wash his body. His medical provider can’t come down because she’s afraid. So what are we going to say about that? I’m not even speaking for my voice, I’m speaking for that building. We’re tired. Anybody would be tired after 21 days of foolishness.”

The protests intended to afflict the powerful have also disempowered the afflicted. Although I will say they’ve made one guy pretty happy.

“Every American should take a long look at the bedlam in Seattle because that’s exactly what will come if the radical left is put in charge,” President Trump said during his Tulsa rally over the weekend.

So, party on.

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