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Seattle I-5 protesters, knuckleheads
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Ross: Knuckleheads are standing in the way of our safety

Protesters blocking I-5 in Seattle. (Getty Images)

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy commented recently on why restaurants in New Jersey won’t be reopening after all.

“So, unfortunately, the national situation compounded by instances of knucklehead behavior here at home are requiring us to hit pause on the start of indoor dining for the foreseeable future,” he stated.

It’s the Knuckleheads! They’re at it again! And knuckledheadism isn’t just making the virus harder to control — it’s also sabotaging the campaign for police reform.

There’s another group of knuckleheads inserting themselves into the Black Lives Matter protests in some cities, like Seattle, where now they shut down the freeway every night and continue to block police and emergency medical services.

I got this message from a frustrated listener:

“Is it just me or has common decency been defeated by hoodlums parading as protesters?” the listener posited. “Why are we letting them take over my city? I’m left completely unprotected. Yes Black Lives Matter but what I see is not Black Lives Matter, I see death and destruction. It just pushes me to prejudge MORE!”

This is the problem. All governments are created for the same fundamental reason: to control the knuckleheads.

You can go ahead and reform your government, but if it can’t control the knuckleheads, pretty soon even reasonable people will start ripping off their masks and picking up guns until everybody’s a knucklehead, and no one can remember why.

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